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The Wedding Invitation – Steps For Stress-Free Selection of the Perfect Invitation

The day has finally come…the proposal was made, the date is set, the place is chosen and now it is time to choose the invitation to spread the joy to all of your loved ones that you are getting married. With so many details to plan and so many choices of styles, colours, themes, etc with which to choose from, the process and ultimately, the final choice can be so overwhelming for some. The truth is, like the decision to unite your life with the one person you have decided to do so with, this too should be an easy decision. As with love, you cannot chose who you love, as your heart will decide that for you… the same applies to selecting an invitation, you will know it when you see it.

The following information will provide you with a step by step guide in choosing the best invitation that will not only say it best and share your joyous news, but it will also reflect your style, theme and overall ambiance of your wedding, not to mention your budget. Most information available discusses invitation etiquette alone, while this article is meant for a different purpose. Most couples have an image of what every detail will be like for their wedding day, but can’t quite put it all together to achieve exactly what it is they want. I have created a step by step guide to organize your thoughts, prepare you for invitation selection, inform you of potential options, all while respecting your budget. So get ready to learn and enjoy the process of choosing a pivotal element of your wedding day…your wedding invitation.

First, you need to in vision the type of mood you would like your wedding to encapsulate. Are you fun-loving and comical? Are you whimsical and want to be swept away into a fairytale? Are you modern and “seriously” in love? Are you captivated by moonlight on a wave stricken beach? Are you quiet and elegantly simple? Once you have established the mood of your wedding, you can easily establish the style of invitation that reflects that mood. Elements that reflect mood include the card stock, for example, vellum; a soft somewhat clear paper suggests bliss, romance and has softness in its tone that reflects elegance. A card stock that is thick and bold with sharp lines exemplifies a modern flair with class. A card embossed with characters or images may very well bring a comedic or humorous edge to your invitation. These are of course, just a few examples of card stock styles that are available to choose from. Fortunately, now that you have a starting point to mentally in vision the emotional setting, if you will, of your wedding day, the style of card stock or paper used will become very easy to choose once you begin viewing the many invitations available for purchase. The mood or genre of the invitation you view will leap off the card now that you know what to keep in mind. Remember, whatever the mood that best represents you as a couple, should definitely be brought forth through the visual and written expression of your wedding invitation. » Read more: The Wedding Invitation – Steps For Stress-Free Selection of the Perfect Invitation

Wedding Series: Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are one of the main important elements of a wedding. They are the first step of your wedding process. Your wedding invitation should be perfect and should include all of the information you have provided. You cannot consider your invitations if they are not perfect. The best idea to make your wedding invitation the best it can be is to make them unique and simple. By using the letterpress printing, you can easily accomplish this. By the use of letterpress printing, letterpress invitations could be created. It could be very easy and affordable option if you go for letterpress options with a single color. Having one color wedding invitations will be elegant and simple; if you want additional colors, it may increase the cost. The important thing to be kept in mind is that if you’re choosing one colored invitation then make sure that the invitation style is elegant and it flows with the chosen color.

These days, you can find many types of unique, simple invitations if you browse online. By doing this you can coordinate and choose perfectly the colors for your wedding celebration. With Internet, you can be able to choose best decorations with best available price. You will have to access all ranges of invitation, doing this you can ensure getting unique and simple invitations.

Keeping simple invitations will be the most elegant way if you choose letterpress invitations which are the most unique and elegant. If you look at different stationeries of printing invitations, you will get many choices and you will have a deep idea of to which you should select and not. This will enable you to get unique and simple invitations with less expense. » Read more: Wedding Series: Wedding Invitations

The Look of Your Wedding Invitations – A Guide

Everyone knows there’s something special about the arrival of a wedding invitation. From the moment it’s spotted amid the usual daily mail, there’s a giddy sense of excitement in the air. The mere touch of its creamy paper is a delight to each recipient, and its regal appearance is a sure sign that a significant event is about to unfold. If you’re tempted to choose an invitation that is extremely creative, keep in mind that no other event in your life will allow you the privilege of sending out an invitation with the formality and elegance of a traditional wedding invitation.
Above all, a beautiful invitation sets the tone for the romantic celebration you’re planning, whether you will marry in a church setting, on the beach, or at your parents’ home. Creating your perfect invitation is easy if you’ve studied the guidelines included here. Exploring paper samples, reviewing typestyles, and contemplating the overall look of your invitation will ensure that your invitation comes together perfectly.


PAPER AND INK COLORS » Read more: The Look of Your Wedding Invitations – A Guide