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Color Combinations For Winter Wedding Invitations

Spring and summer are wonderful seasons in which to plan a wedding, but the sights and colors of winter, while of a different mood entirely, can be just as special. A winter wedding, held in the midst of the holiday season, can make this special time of year even more so. With families often getting together to celebrate the holidays, this can be a particularly good time for a wedding, as you may be able to invite people who might not have the opportunity to attend a spring or summer wedding.

Whether you chose the winter because it is a matter of convenience, or because you love the season, it is certain that many elements of your wedding, including decorations, flowers, and of course the invitations, should be quite different from what they might be if you held your wedding in the warmer months.

Invitations for a winter wedding very often include different colors, styles, and decorative elements to suit the theme of the season. Let your imagination run wild with deep, warm colors, cool icy blues and greens, or even a tinge of yellow or orange to lend some warmth to the season! » Read more: Color Combinations For Winter Wedding Invitations

Modern Wedding Invitations – Calla Lily Stationery

Modern wedding invitations are an easy way to incorporate a modern elegance to a wedding. Calla lilies are an especially popular flower to use on modern wedding invitations. Calla lilies are naturally elegant flower that easily lend themselves to weddings because of their simple elegance and strong look. Their traditional color, white, also lends well to the overall theme that many weddings choose to employ. Any bride looking to add a modern touch to her wedding stationary would do well to consider the use of the calla lily on her stationary.

Modern invitations set the theme of the wedding from the moment they are received by the guest. They help to build a sense of excitement and enthusiasm for the upcoming ceremony. Selecting wedding invitations can be a difficult decision as the theme of the invitation often over into the theme of the wedding. However, brides looking for a modern and elegant wedding can easily incorporate alla lilies into both their wedding stationary and their ceremony and reception.

Calla lilies look stunning in bridal bouquets. By choosing a modern invitation with these flowers, a bride is given the perfect excuse to include this dramatic flower in her wedding bouquet and flowers. Likewise, thank you notes can also be ordered with this beautiful flower printed on them to further tie the event together. Any stationary that the this is found on will be made more beautiful and elegant by the addition of this flower. » Read more: Modern Wedding Invitations – Calla Lily Stationery

Black and White Wedding Invitations – Where Style Meets Tradition

If you just got engaged and are now starting on the long path of planning the wedding then a black and white wedding invitation is a great way to show off the elegance of your wedding. But don’t think for one moment that your invite will be boring just because you are going with a traditional white wedding. Now days there are dozens of different designs and styles of invitations to choose from in the black and white realm so don’t be afraid to add a twist to a classic invite and make it uniquely yours.

Here is a list of the different styles you can choose from as well as an example of each so you can make the best decision for your special day.

Traditional - There is nothing wrong with sticking with the classic beauty of simple black and white invitation. A traditional style will have clean sharp lines and elegantly styled lettering. » Read more: Black and White Wedding Invitations – Where Style Meets Tradition