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Elegant Wedding Invitations Using a Monogram

Elegant Wedding Invitations Using a MonogramFor elegant wedding invitations you can transform an ordinary invitation into something that exudes class and formality simply by choosing to add a monogram to your stationary. A monogram is basically a design composed of one or more letters, usually the initials of a name are used to be an identifying mark. For example if your name is John William Smith, you would usually choose either the “S” by itself as the monogram, or you could choose to include the first and last initials, or all three initials. The most common way is either just one initial, or all three initials. For your wedding invitations you could also choose to use the last initial of the groom and the last initial of the bride, separated only by an ampersand (&).

The monogram has been used widely by monarchs, artists, and socialites to draw attention to the formality that is to be associated with the name, or monogram. This tells you right from the get go by the class of individuals that typically use it that this choice will be beautiful and high class. Of course any one can use this method to dress up any stationary they might want, it is not just exclusive to upper class individuals though it does give that feel, and it will certainly dress up your stationary as elegant wedding invitations.

One of the keys to dressing up the monogram even further to truly portray the elegant feel is choosing the right font of text for the monogrammed initials. Typically a script font is the best choice for this, but many others are also just as good. The script just has a presence about it because of the curvy nature of the letters themselves, and when they are capitalized letters as initials are the curves and swoops are usually dramatic giving off a bigger presence. Though the script is typical, don’t discount the bold block choice for certain capital letters, these can be just as dramatic. Test different fonts to see what you like. » Read more: Elegant Wedding Invitations Using a Monogram

Unique Wedding Invitations – 5 Unique Styles to Consider

Today’s brides and grooms are looking for ways to make their wedding ceremony unique and different from all the rest. The wedding invitation sets the tone for the wedding itself so it is important to select a unique wedding invitation to announce that special event in distinctive fashion.

Here are 5 suggestions for unique wedding invitations that are sure to stir interest and get noticed.

1. Pocket style: In a variety of sizes and shapes, a pocket style wedding invitation holds the invitation in a pocket that is open on one side. The pocket can be a translucent paper printed in a soft floral design or can be a striking solid color that complements the invitation itself. Additional components such as the reception card, response card or even maps to the ceremony and reception are placed in the pocket as well. Then, the pocket is enclosed in the inside and outside envelopes for a very special invitation that is fun to open. » Read more: Unique Wedding Invitations – 5 Unique Styles to Consider

Elegant Wedding Invitations – What Are They And How to Get Them?

Elegant Wedding Invitations - What Are They And How to Get ThemSo you’ve finally set the date for the much highly anticipated event in your life – your wedding! Now that that is done, it’s time to tell everyone you know that you’re tying the knot!

Weddings need plenty of preparation and the first step that you need to take is to ensure that everyone close to you will be there on your special day. And that’s certainly what wedding invitations are for.

To make your wedding cards visually enticing, you can go for the elegant styles which can be customized to suit your personality and preferences. These need not necessarily break your wedding budget. With a bit of research, you can have the best looking wedding stationery that matches your budget and style!

There are plenty of designs out there which you can select for your wedding. Selections range from classic to modern, and there are plenty others in between. Keep in mind, though, that simple does not mean boring. As a matter of fact, simplicity brings out the beauty in anything. Simple but elegant wedding invites are eye-catching even without the bold colors that other more contemporary wedding invitations are known for. » Read more: Elegant Wedding Invitations – What Are They And How to Get Them?