Elegant Wedding Invitations in Unique Pocket Styles Are Available Online

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Elegant Wedding Invitations in Unique Pocket Styles Are Available OnlineToday’s brides are looking for ways in which to make their wedding unique and a new line of pocket style elegant wedding invitations will set the tone for that distinctive wedding. With many designs from which to choose, pocket style designs are made to hold your invitation in creative ways; in stylish jackets or printed sleeves.

In a variety of printed designs or solid colors, the printed invitation card is held by a separate pocket or folded jacket for a unique presentation that takes the traditional wedding invitation one step further. The printed invitation still includes all the necessary information regarding the ceremony or event, printed on nice card stock, but now it comes held by a separate piece of solid, bold colored paper or pastel printed translucent vellum for an extra special presentation that makes this elegant wedding invitation one that will stand out from the rest. Some of these pocket type invitations even come with a satin bow to hold all the pieces together. These unique designs still come in envelopes and are almost like gifts that the lucky wedding guest unwraps.

Wedding invitations used to be hand delivered, which is why the tradition of having an inner and an outer envelope remains today. A footman would be sent to hand deliver an invitation to the address on the outside of the envelope. Upon arrival and after a dusty ride on horseback, the footman would take the invitation out of the now dirty outer envelope before presenting it to the doorman. The doorman would take the invitation in the addressed inner envelope, usually on a silver platter, to the recipient. Although few invitations are hand delivered today, the practice of using an inner and an outer envelope remains in effect.

Pocket wedding invitations carry all of your wedding information including your response cards and envelopes, reception cards, maps and special instructions in an attractive folder that then goes in the colorful outer envelope. Less time spent addressing an extra envelope and more fun to put together and send.

Now, with pocket style unique wedding invitations being introduced online, brides can not only select the perfect wedding invitation without ever leaving home, but they can also select innovative designs that will set the tone for their unique wedding in high style. Rather than flipping through large binders holding samples of wedding invitations, today’s bride can surf the net and quickly review hundreds of designs all categorized by theme, color or paper type. They can type in their information and actually see what the invitation will look like instantly. They can shop in their jammies or any time of the day or night. They can even quickly solicit opinions from others, including the groom!

In a variety of sizes, pocket invitations and pocket wedding announcements can be tall and skinny, square or rectangular. From pastel floral sleeves to bold colors, your invitation will stand out from all others. Bright and eye-catching, the color will set the tone for your wedding and can be carried through from the flowers to the table decorations.

Unique pocket style designs offer the ultimate in elegant wedding invitations and selecting and ordering them online now gives the busy bride more time to work on other wedding related tasks. Unique and affordable, pocket style wedding invitations are a great choice for any upcoming wedding.

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