Elegant Wedding Invitations Using a Monogram

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Elegant Wedding Invitations Using a MonogramFor elegant wedding invitations you can transform an ordinary invitation into something that exudes class and formality simply by choosing to add a monogram to your stationary. A monogram is basically a design composed of one or more letters, usually the initials of a name are used to be an identifying mark. For example if your name is John William Smith, you would usually choose either the “S” by itself as the monogram, or you could choose to include the first and last initials, or all three initials. The most common way is either just one initial, or all three initials. For your wedding invitations you could also choose to use the last initial of the groom and the last initial of the bride, separated only by an ampersand (&).

The monogram has been used widely by monarchs, artists, and socialites to draw attention to the formality that is to be associated with the name, or monogram. This tells you right from the get go by the class of individuals that typically use it that this choice will be beautiful and high class. Of course any one can use this method to dress up any stationary they might want, it is not just exclusive to upper class individuals though it does give that feel, and it will certainly dress up your stationary as elegant wedding invitations.

One of the keys to dressing up the monogram even further to truly portray the elegant feel is choosing the right font of text for the monogrammed initials. Typically a script font is the best choice for this, but many others are also just as good. The script just has a presence about it because of the curvy nature of the letters themselves, and when they are capitalized letters as initials are the curves and swoops are usually dramatic giving off a bigger presence. Though the script is typical, don’t discount the bold block choice for certain capital letters, these can be just as dramatic. Test different fonts to see what you like.

Some typical fonts that are used when making elegant wedding invitations using a monogram are: calligraphy, gothic font, and zapfino just to name a few. These fonts will generally give the feel that you are trying to achieve.

Along with the font is the style of the monogram. If you decide to use more than one initial for the monogram, you have a few more choices on how they will show. You could choose to have the initials side by side, you could have them interlocking, they could be in the form of a circle as well as a few variations on these methods. Typically if all three initials are used, the middle initial will be the largest and will also be the last initial. For your elegant wedding invitations you could make your own variation on this method by using the last initial of the groom (your new last name as well), and have the first initial for each of you on either side. If you interlock these initials it will show off your new marriage bond as well.

From this one simple method you can easily make the elegant wedding invitations that you want, and this is also a way to keep things from getting expensive. The options are available; it’s just a matter of you playing with the details to see which final monogram looks best for your initials.

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