Modern Or Classic Wedding Invitations – Which Should You Choose?

Wedding invitations are a must for every wedding since they are the forefront of details that are involved in the event. Invitations are sent to family and friends of the couple a few weeks or months before the wedding day and some couples include an RSVP to ensure the headcount of their guests on the day of the celebration.

So what would you choose- a modern or a classic wedding invitation?

Before you start looking for samples online and offline, it’s best to understand the main differences between the two types of wedding invitations so you will have a basis for your final option. » Read more: Modern Or Classic Wedding Invitations – Which Should You Choose?

Cheap Wedding Invitations – How to Save Money on Printing

Here’s the dilemma with cheap wedding invitations … a wedding invitation not only offers your guests a first impression of what to expect from your wedding, it provides your guests with a fond keepsake. So how can you avoid paying a fortune for your wedding invitations and still portray the elegance and personal touch you want for your wedding?

That’s what we’re going to address in this article.

Only a couple of years ago, the average wedding invitation order was for 150 invitations. The resulting bill, not including tax and shipping, was approximately $450 or around $3.00 per invitation. Now, if you’re set on cheap wedding invitations, the total cost can obviously be controlled by reducing the number of invitations you send. However, this only extends so far before the printing expense per invitation begins to rise (the fewer you print, the more it costs per invitation). » Read more: Cheap Wedding Invitations – How to Save Money on Printing

Anna Griffin and Her Brand of Wedding Invitations

Darling of the paper craft industry, graphic designer Anna Griffin comes by her love of art and design naturally, she grew up in a family of artists. It is also not surprising that her love of art brought her to wedding invitations – one of her first jobs out of college was working with famed wedding designer Vera Wang. In 1994, Griffin set out on her own, launching a line of custom designed, hand-crafted wedding invitations that borrow heavily from beautiful traditional botanical prints and Victoriana.

In the years since, the name Anna Griffin has become synonymous with high quality paper crafting designs. Her company released the first line of imprintable wedding invitations for the home crafter, do-it-yourself bride who wanted a hand in making her own invitations without sacrificing a professional quality wedding invitation. Anna Griffin invokes vellum and ribbon, elegant traditional patterns and all the details that make wedding finery, well, fine.

While the Anna Griffin line now encompasses craft papers of all kinds for home scrap-bookers and textile patterns, wedding invitations are still at the foundation of her success. Anna Griffin wedding invitations are among the most beautiful and sought after of all the major design lines. » Read more: Anna Griffin and Her Brand of Wedding Invitations