Tips for Great Wedding Photos

Your wedding day will be one of the most important and special days of your life, and of course you’ll want to remember it always. Wedding photos are meant to be cherished and bring back all those amazing memories, but picture perfect photos don’t always happen. To insure you’ll only cry happy tears over your photos, here are some things to remember.

First things, first-chose a gown that flatters your figure and a seamstress that will make sure it fits you well. An ill-fitting gown can make your photos cringe-worthy. The same is true for the gowns and formalwear your attendants will wear. Remember, just because a particular style is popular and looks stunning on your favorite celebrity doesn’t mean its right for your shape. Keep an open mind.

Another thing to keep in mind is your posture. Don’t slouch or hunch over. Good posture makes you look taller and slimmer, and that makes for better photos. Your wedding photographer will have tips on flattering poses and lighting, which also help. » Read more: Tips for Great Wedding Photos

Top Indian Wedding Invitation Trends

Gone are the days when only close family and friends were only invited to be a part of an Indian wedding. Today, every kith and kin, friends of friends, and even business colleagues are invited. In the olden days, the patri or the nyota were sent as scrolls to invite guests. They were made on the banana leaves or a cloth.

Today, the invites have gone beyond a mere scroll; they give a glimpse of the wedding and other celebrations. They do the expectation-setting of the guests as to what kind of an arrangement and opulence they’ll get at the wedding. A plethora of options are available these days, from a simple scroll with a couplet to magnificent multi-paged cards.

Vintage Regalia » Read more: Top Indian Wedding Invitation Trends

Match Your Wedding Invitations to Your Wedding Location

It is always said that the wedding invitations help to set the tone for the event. They are a wonderful way to give your guests a hint about what to expect. A fantastic way to do this is to select invitations which are inspired by the site where you will have your wedding. Learn how to match your wedding invitations to your wedding location with beautiful results.

Think about the reasons you chose the venue for your wedding. The chances are that there was something about the appearance or style of the space that really spoke to you. That is the place to begin when shopping for wedding invitations that capture the essence of the wedding site. For instance, imagine that you plan to hold your reception in the grandest hotel ballroom in town. Perhaps your vision includes chandeliers, an orchestra, a bevy of bridesmaids in designer gowns and crystal bridesmaid jewelry, and black tie attire. Convey the elegance of your wedding by selecting engraved invitations with opulent flourishes, such as hand calligraphy on the envelopes. If you wish, you could have your stationery bejeweled with crystals or adorned with a chandelier motif. Your guests will definitely know to expect a swanky wedding when they receive your elegant invitations.

Outdoor locations are extremely popular for weddings, and they tend to be a bit less formal than a ballroom wedding. Give some thought to the most outstanding feature of your outdoor site. Maybe you are getting married in a field of wildflowers; an invitation made from paper with petals in it would be ideal. Or perhaps you will exchange your vows with a stunning mountain view in the background. A natural choice for stationery would be paper with an abstract mountain design. For a vineyard wedding, invitations that feature grapevines done in letterpress would be gorgeous. Another cool idea is to have custom stationery made which resembles a vintage wine label. Either way, your friends and family will have a good idea about what your upcoming wedding will be like. » Read more: Match Your Wedding Invitations to Your Wedding Location